Navajo Recovery Home

The Mission Home


Our recovery home is not affiliated with any government or religious

organization. It is also not affiliated with the Navajo Nation. Our funding

comes from private individuals. We do not discriminate admittance to

anyone. Our philosophy is a simple one of offering positive examples of

living without the need for alcohol. Guests come to us from treatment

centers as well as the streets. When guests leave they continue with

employment, education or reuniting with family members.


The recovery home "manager" is Bob Ketelsen. Bob, a retired business

owner is from the Chicago area. He runs the recovery home for

homeless men who are victims of substance abuse. He is an Associate

of the Franciscan Sisters of Clinton, IA. For more information or to sponsor a 

recovery call Bob @ 505-733-2291.

1 St. Mary Drive
P.O. Box 39
Tohatchi, NM 87325

Phone: 505 733-2291
Fax: 505 733-2291
We have been called to

heal the wounds, to unite

what has fallen apart,

and to bring home those

who have lost their way.

Francis of Asissi
Native American Art, Travel Opportunities Support Recovery Home. Increase Employment for Navajos
"A European lady, visiting America for the first time, stood among a group of tourists watching a Navajo woman weaving. The visitor was completely engrossed. Invited to come closer, she touched the rug with her hands, then turned to her companions and said so matter-of-factly that there could be no disputing her, It is the handiwork of the Gods." The Book of The Navajo written by Raymond Friday Locke. Not only are the Navajo People known for their exquisite blanket making but also make beautiful rugs, pottery, sand paintings and jewelry.

We have for sale blankets, pottery, jewelry, kachina dolls, storytellers

and rugs all made by Navajo Indians who are in recovery. Money’s received benefits not only the artisans, but the recovery home as well.


Bob Ketelsen, manager of the recovery house was the owner and operator of a large travel agency in the Chicago suburbs before he retired. He has worked with local Navajo Indians on the reservation to establish tours as well as employment for these individuals. All tours and experiences are lead by Navajos. Again a portion of the proceeds goes to continue operation of the recovery house.


Come and experience life on the reservation while staying in Hogans. Learn history, customs of the Navajo People and sample their delicious food. Sweat Lodge ceremonies may also be available.

Tour interesting and natures beautiful points of interest nearby including:

  • Gallup, NM– Great prices on NA artwork Grand Canyon, Canyon De Chelly, Painted Desert, Pueblos, Hopi Reservations, Petrified forest, Flagstaff, Monument Valley, All outdoor recreation..
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