Authentic Navajo Kachina Dolls reasonably priced.
Authentic Navajo Kachina Dolls .
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Authentic Navajo Indian Kachina Dolls

These Kachinas dolls are some of the most beautiful and reasonably priced you will find. This set of Kachinas are our buffalo hunter series, we also have 2 other sets of Kachina Dolls.

Navajo Indian Kachina dolls represent the benevolent spirits. Kachinas are spiritual messengers that bring special blessings. Kachina dolls are not gods, but the symbolic representations, in human form, of the spirits of plants, animals, birds, places or ancestors. Since it is only the spirit that is depicted, there is no attempt at realism. Each Kachina doll is skillfully carved from dried and seasoned cottonwood root and meticulously painted and decorated with fine leather and fabrics.

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