Navajo Jewelry, Pottery, Kachina dolls & dream catchers

Navajo World represent some of the finest artists. We have a large selection of unique Navajo pottery, kachina dolls, dream catchers, artifacts. and jewelry.

All of our other native American Indian art has passed our examination as to quality of aesthetics design and workmanship.

Love of craft is evident in each hand crafted piece.

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Your purchases of Navajo jewelry, pottery, kachina dolls, rugs, dream catchers all help support the local artisans in the Tohatchi, New Mexico area.

Pottery, kachina dolls, dream catchers. Navajo

Navajo World

The materials used to make our Navajo jewelry, pottery, kachina dolls, dream catchers.come from the earth. Each piece is a unique, one of a kind, irreplaceable piece of art. We have a large selection of Kachina Dolls that represent the benevolent spirits. Kachinas are spiritual messengers that bring special blessings. We offer a large collection of dreamcatchers of various types and sizes. These beautiful authentic dreamcatchers are handcrafted by the artisans on the Navajo reservation.

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